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Maintenance-Keeping your car clean inside and out

Maintenance-Keeping your car clean inside and out

"Routine Maintenance" is so important. Why keeping your vehicle clean inside and out is important. “Do you really need to wash your car?” Just like when you get an Oil Change, it’s all about keeping your Vehicle well maintained.  Washing your Vehicle especially in Midwest weather has so much value. Your protect your Vehicles Value, with the salt and sand that are put on our roads, all those pollutants do damage to your Vehicles finish.  Preserves your paint. Washing your car on a regular basis is a must not a need. With the types of winters we have, using all that salt, washing it regularly helps to keep the salt damage down (rusting). Using products designed for cleaning autos is important. Household cleaners may be harsh and can damage paint. Using terry It can prevent costly repairs. Car filth can damage the vehicles body and paint. Clean cars are safer. Kee ... read more

Does Maintenance really matter?

Does Maintenance really matter?

Does regular maintenance really matter? You bet it does, a city-driven vehicle works harder, not only is the engine constantly working but the stopping and starting uses more fuel. Your vehicles suspension can get a major workout with rough roads and potholes. While freeway driving allows one cruising speed on the highway, all the stop and go traffic and changing of gears takes a serious toll on your engine, transmission and brake systems. Highway miles, most of the time the roads are smooth, you can drive on cruise control, keeping a steady pace reduces the work of the transmission and engine. With very little slowing down, no parallel parking and a longer drive your charging system can work as it should. Your battery and alternator may last longer.  Doing regular oil changes, fighting rust and cleaning your filters, keeping an eye on the fluid levels, taking care of those dashboard lights when they first come on. If you need to get your car on a maintenance calls us. Choosin ... read more

Symptoms of a bad or failing Fuel Pump

Expert Auto Repair in Mishawaka, IN My vehicle’s fuel system consist of: Fuel Pump Fuel Lines Fuel-pressure regulator Fuel filter Fuel Injectors Symptoms of a failing system: Poor fuel economy, Power loss, rough idle, hard starting, Pinging/Knocking, increased emissions; if you are you experiencing these problems it’s best to take your car to a professional repair shop.    We will isolate the problem, call you to let you know the problem and with your approval fix your vehicle. We get your car in top shape. Allowing your car to limp along can do more damage and cost way more than the original estimate would. Your fuel pump is an important part of your car, suppling your engine with a steady supply of fuel to keep it moving smoothly. After many thousands of miles, the fuel pump and other parts of your vehicle need to be checked regularly. This helps in keeping the costs down. Choosing the team you can trust is key, Ricks Auto Service., with over 42 years ... read more

"Ford" "Honda" "Chevy" we do most makes and models.

We are here to serve. Have a car, truck, SUV  or van that needs work, we are your one stop shop. We do most makes and models, Chevy, Honda, Hyundai, Cadillac from simple oil change to major engine replacement, we do it all. Give us or call or look on our website to make an appointment

Expert Auto Repair in Mishawaka In

  Expert Auto Repair in Mishawaka IN Your Trusted Source for Expert Auto Repair Work, Every time you get behind the wheel of your car, you have a purpose, a destination. Heading to the grocery store, commuting to work, or taking the family on a needed vacation. Like all of us, you want to get there efficiently and trouble free. Car trouble can pop up at any time, prompting the need for auto repairs. Choosing the team you can trust is key, Ricks Auto Service., with over 42 years performing auto repairs across Northern Indiana. We provide you with expert customer service and knowledgeable ASE Technicians who can diagnosis the problem for any vehicle you drive. Auto Repairs with The Expert Touch You can rest easy when you trust your auto repairs to Ricks Auto Service. Give us a call! Join the thousands of Michiana customers who have trusted us over the years. From preventive maintenance to major repairs, Ricks Auto Service at 405 W. Jefferson Blvd. Call 574-255-4724, or visit on ... read more

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