Can you drive with worn Brakes?

Can you drive with worn Brakes? There are a many components in the Braking System. The Brake Pads rub against the Brake Drums or Brake Rotors, if you hear a grinding or loud noise time to change the Pads. The Brake Rotors or Drums create the friction to stop your Vehicle. You are probably more familiar with the Brake Pedal which is activate by your foot. Starting the whole Braking process. The Pedal starts the Brake Fluid to flow and put pressure on the Brake Pads. The Master Cylinder, holds the Brake Fluid, and is also activated when you press the Brake Pedal. The Brake Pads are connected to the Wheel Cylinders and squeeze the Brake Drums when the fluid flows on them. Brake Lines carry the Brake Fluid from the Master Cylinder reservoir when the pressure on the Brake Pedal is applied.

These are some of the Warning Signs – Please don’t ignore them:

  • Your Brake Light comes on
  • Squeal, Squeak or Grinding Noises
  • Wobbling, Vibration or Scraping when you Brake
  • Fluid is leaking
  • The Brake Pedal feels Spongy or Soft when you apply the Brake
  • You smell something burning when you drive
  • A bouncing up & down when you brake

. When this happens they need to be replaced.

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