How do I know if my Wheel Bearing needs replacing?

How do I know if my Wheel Bearing needs replacing? Great question!! 

Can you drive a car with a bad Wheel Bearing? It is not safe to drive with a bad Wheel Bearing. When you drive if one of the bearings are worn out it could cause the wheel to stop while driving. The Wheel of your Vehicle is not a simple part. For the Hub, Tire and assemblies to work well the Wheel Bearings are an integral part to the whole. The Wheel Bearing is a set of steel balls held in place by a metal ring. Which then fits into a Hub, fitting tightly inside, and ride on a metal Axle Shaft. The most common symptom is an audible one: you may hear a grinding or grating noise coming from your tire or wheel. The noise gets louder when you accelerate. The other symptom is a loose feeling r less responsive action from the steering. Another aspect with the Steering is that you may notice a pulling or veering to the right or left, not always the Wheel Bearing but a good possibility. Your Tires should be rotated regularly keeping aware of uneven wear on your tires, getting you Wheel Bearings checked might not be a bad idea.

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