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What are the signs your Fuel Pump is going out?

What are the signs your Fuel Pump is going out?

What You Need to Know About a Failing Fuel Pump Is your car not running as smoothly as it used to? Are you having trouble getting it to start? If so, your Fuel Pump may be going out. Here’s what you need to know about the signs, causes, and effects of a failing Fuel Pump. How does a car act when the Fuel Pump is going out? When your Fuel Pump starts to go bad, you may notice that your vehicle has difficulty starting up. This can be due to a lack of fuel pressure or an inability of the Fuel Pump to deliver enough gasoline. Other symptoms include the car stalling or sputtering while you drive and the Engine not reaching its normal operating temperature. You may also hear loud noises coming from the tank area or smell gasoline in or around the car when you get out of it. Finally, if your check engine light comes on, this could also be a sign that your fuel pump is failing. What Causes Fuel Pump Problems? There are several reasons why a Fuel Pump might be failing. One common ... read more

No Crank/No Start or Crank/ No Start?

NO Crank/No Start or Crank/No Start? There are two types of No Starts/. With the start of the Cold season, we’ve got several calls with these problems. Generally, a “no-start” vehicle will either fail to crank or fail to start while cranking. No-start conditions can arise from many locations on the vehicle, including the engine, transmission, grounding wires in any part of the vehicle, battery, alternator and more.  Most vehicles will fail to start at some point. Most common issue is starting and charging system could be bad battery, alternator, battery cable or starter. ONE, of the ways to be on top of that is PROPER MAINTENANCE. Bring your vehicle to a specialist to properly diagnosis the problem. Give us a call 574-255-4724 or go to our website https://www.ricksautoservice.org/appointments  

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