What happens with bad Rotors

When should Rotors be Replaced? Have you noticed a loud noise when braking? When brake the brake pads squeeze the rotor, thus stopping your vehicle. But when the Brake Pads are worn exposing metal it will grind down the Rotors. It may cause warping which when braking your vehicle may wiggle when braking. It is considered very dangerous when your Rotors get to this stage. Your braking becomes less effective. When your vehicle is in our shop we can to a free Brake assessment.

 Here are some warning signals of bad brakes. As I said earlier noise when you brake. In the brake pads is a built-in metal tab, when the brakes wear to that point the noise, irritating isn’t it! You can still drive but it is best to have a Technician detect the source of the sound. Does the brake pedal feel different? You may notice that you have to press harder on the pedal. A Soft Pedal could be an indicator of worn pads and rotors. It could also be a problem with the hydraulic part of the brake system. And the one thing we don’t want to ignore is the Brake Warning Light goes on. The warning light goes on if there are any issues it detects. Again, bringing your vehicle in to a trained Technician is key. One other sign is that your vehicle pulls to one side or the other when braking.



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