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If your car "will not shift into gear" or is "stuck in gear" or the "clutch is slipping". Give us a call

If your car “will not shift into gear" or is “stuck in gear” or the “clutch is slipping”. “Ricks Auto Service is the Independent, Full-Service Automotive Repair Facility that stands ready to properly diagnose and make any needed repairs. “Ricks Auto Service” also has the experience and expertise to suggest best practices for preventive maintenance for your vehicle. Ensuring a more comfortable, reliable, and safe driving experience.  We service all makes and models including Toyota, Subaru, Jeep, Ford, Lincoln, Cadillac, Chevrolet, and GMC to name a few - cars, SUVs, and trucks. Serving customers in, Mishawaka, Granger, South Bend, Niles Elkhart and surrounding areas for over 40 years.  Ricks Auto Service would appreciate the opportunity to serve your automotive service and repair needs. Stop by anytime, 405 W. Jefferson Blvd,  call: 574.255.4724, or book an appointment/ text us via our website ... read more

Get help from a Mishawaka IN Engine and Heat Repair Specialist

Last week temperatures were in the 50’s,  for the holidays it looks like about 30-40’s. Is your vehicles heater working? Are you ready to travel over the Holidays? As an experienced engine and repair specialist in Mishawaka, IN, we are here to help. There are some different reasons why your car’s heating isn’t working and how we can fix it.   Not Enough Coolant   Most vehicles use long-life coolant (mixture of 50/50 antifreeze and water) in the radiator. The coolant provides protection against boiling in hot weather and freezing in cold temperatures, with little or no maintenance. If your heater is blowing out cool air, it could be because you’re too low on coolant. When you’re low on coolant, your engine won’t be able to send any to the heater core to create warm air.   Issues With Your Heater Core A heater core is a part of your cars cooli ... read more

Fall Driving Safety What month do most car accidents occur?

  Did you know that more car crashes happen in the fall not winter? (I did check other sites and they are all different!!!) But most agree that late afternoon and evening can be a dangerous time When wet leaves accumulate on the road, they become very slippery. Most people don’t realize that driving on wet leaves can be as dangerous as driving on black ice. Water sits on top of the leaf’s waxy coating, creating a film like that found on ice.      Roads covered with wet leaves can be as bad as black ice. When you brake or speed up going around corners hitting that pile of leaves can cause your vehicle to spin.    As the weather and road conditions change with the season. Drive on wet leaves the same way you would drive during icy road conditions. Allowing yourself the time to take turns at a slower pace. Making sure there is ample distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. Don’t jerk your wheel ... read more

Who has the best warranties on cars?

Who has the best warranties on cars?

Here at Ricks Auto Service in Mishawaka In, we’re in the business of quality. Quality work, quality parts, and quality service keep a business going. We offer our customers a 36,000 mile, 3 year warranty on our work. So, we buy the best. Why It Pays to Pay For Quality - When a problem arises, it’s always tempting to save some money by cruising for a deal on parts. The truth is, they aren’t the same, why pay double to have the part put in again? The issue starts with quality, what type of quality are you really getting online? Not only was the vehicle you bought expensive, you need to know your vehicle will run and run well. Warranties Are Important - Cars, trucks, and SUVs are incredibly complicated machines. Sometimes, even the best part will have issues. Problems will arise even among the most diligent and meticulous work. When you go for quality, warrantied work and components, you are already getting something less likely to fail. You are getting some ... read more

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